* Lazarus painting detail and author’s technique

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LAZARUS – acrylic, oil, gesso, watercolor, ink, pencil and own technique on canvas, 100 x 130cm / 2018 

painting showed at Places / SURFACES | VENICE, July 26 – September 13, 2018, ITS LIQUID International Art and Architecture Festival, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy

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What inspires me is the cosmos. We move along with it at a great speed. We are built from the same particles, the material which both exists and does not exist at the same time, the neutrino. The cosmos is the infinite concept, life and death, time, religion and other civilizations – the most important and basic mysteries for us. For me however, in contrary to the scientific approach, searching is the dream goal itself. The art is a language. I am a traveller. In this way, I make my reality. This theme has been with me since the beginning.

The cosmos, movement, energy, neutrino … how to explain it? In every hundred billionth of a second, neutrinos and other unexplainable histories are penetrating me and the picture. I add to the painting these particles and their movement. I paint the cosmos by the use of cosmos. Micro and macro becomes equality. Synthesis. The technique is being developed through ages as well as the search.



GRETA GARBO / mixed media on canvas / 105x62cm


WELCOME / mixed media and own technique on canvas / SOLD

THE HORNET QUEEN / mixed media and own technique on canvas / SOLD


VENICE / mixed media and own technique on canvas / SOLD

CHARLES BUKOWSKI /  waterocolor and ink on paper / 50x70cm

a series CHORNET QUEEN / ink on paper / 50x70cm

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